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Pearl care

Stringing beads on silk thread.

Pearl care

Pearls are very solid, but are sensitive to acidic attacks. Using a few tips, you will be able to take good care of your pearls andd keep them for generations.

What a pearl is made of?

In order to take care of your pearl, you need to know what she is made of.

Pearls are made of multiple thin layers of aragonite (calcium carbonate), similar to fish scale. It is a very hard material, almost chocs proof. However it is very sensitive to acidic attacks, thus we recommand not to put them in contact with any acidic product (perfumes, sun screen, bleach). If by any chance, your pearl is in contant with any corrosive product, rince abundanlty with fresh water. When you are wearing your pearls, it is also recommanded to wipe them at the end of the day with a water moisterized piece of fabric to remove skin acidity.

Layers of aragonite on a pearl (microscope view)

What can i do if my pearl is in contact with acid product ?

Si elle venait à être en contact avec des produits corrosifs, rincez les le plus vite possible dans de l’eau. Frottez la perle avec les doigts pour retirer le produit qui a pu se déposer sur la perle

Tahitian pearl in a hand

What to do after each use ?

When you wear your pearls, it is also recommended to wipe them at the end of the day with a cloth dampened with water to remove the skin’s acidity.

Which to keep the luster of your pearls ?

Pearls are made of 2% of water and it is advised to rehydrate them frequently. It is also good to wear them because they rehydrate with skin contact. To store them, it is preferable for dry places to put a glass of water next to them to humidy the air. Your bathroom can be a good place to store them. There is no use to rub them with monoï oil or olive oil, because it makes the pearl greasy and prone to attract dust. In the case of pearls necklace, mounted on silk thread, avoid contact with water, because it can harm the silk. Just clean neatly the necklace, even unaccessible spots, with moisterized tissue.

In the case of a choker, mounted on silk thread, avoid immersing the necklace in water : this can weaken the silk thread. Just clean the necklace well, even the hard-to-reach places, with a cloth dampened with water.

Tahitian pearls love water

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