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Pearl farm tour

Champon's pearl farm from the sky

 Visit our Pearl farm

Where is located our pearl farm

Champon Pearl Farm is located on the island of Tahaa.  Our family farm sits on a beautiful,  ocean front property on the southern point of Apu Bay.  This is directly across from Tahaa’s sister island of Raiatea.

As you tour the farm, our team  will guide you through every aspect of pearl farming.  Of course, you will also have the opportunity to see and admire our large selection of loose black  pearls and jewelery, which are all produced and sold exclusively at our farm.

Localisation of the pearl farm Champon on the map

What are the opening hours ?

Looking for « what to do in Tahaa »,  visiting  our pearl farm is the perfect activity during your stay in Tahaa and or Raiatea.

Simply scroll down to learn about the many travel options available for you to come visit us !

We are open every day from 8 Am to 4 Pm.

Maeva at the Champon's pearl farm shop


How to contact us ?

Contact us for organizing your visit at the pearl farm

Phone : +689 40 65 66 26
Mobile phone : +689 87 78 33 58
email :

Mailing address : Champon Monique BP 71198735 Uturoa
French polynesia

Geographic adress : Pointe Toamaro, 
Vaitoare, Tahaa, 
French Polynesia.

How does a visit take place ?

 We begin our 1 HR free farm tour by gladly showing our guests the “day to day” work that is involved in farming black peals.  Visitors will have the unique opportunity to observe live demonstrations of our grafters in action.  Our expert grafters perform their intricate work in our over-water grafting house (Fare Greffe).  

During the farm tour, we will explain in detail every aspect of how black pearls are produced and then graded after harvest.  Visitors will then have the opportunity to compare the many different sizes and shapes of pearls that we have available.  Once you have learned the intricasies of pearl farming, you will understand the time, skill and artistry that is involved in producing these beautiful gems.  

Our tour ends as Monique Champon and her crew welcome you to the intimate showroom which is part of her stunning colonial style family home.   Here, we invite you to observe the latest pearls from our harvests, and a large selection of beautiful loose black pearls and jewelery which are sold exclusively at our farm.    

needs to be done to see a pearl grow, thus knowing what is the real value of a pearl.

Worker in action at the Champon's pearl farm

How can you visit us from Tahaa?

There are a variety of tour operators on the islands of Tahaa that include a stop at our farm during their island tours.  It is an ideal excursión while visiting Tahaa.   For your convenience, we have listed the names of the tour operators below.  

Lagoon excursion by boat:


Destination lagon : Grouped or private tour with Kevin – – +689 87 29 89 06

Arii Moana Tours   :  Grouped or private tour with Julien – – +689 87 79 69 72

Raiatea Blue Lagoon : Grouped or private tour with Jimmy –  – +689 87 27 30 92

O’hanalei : Private tour on a luxury big game fishing boat with Teiva –, +689 87 72 10 04

WaterColor Sailing : Private tour on a sailing catamaran with Rainui – – +689 87 79 84 43

Land trip, by car:

Hamana Cultural Tour : Group tour in 4×4 car with Tama – +689 87 78 25 39

Eco-Bike Tahaa : Guided e-bike tour with Raihau –, +689 87 34 38 34 

Anuanua Tour : Private van tour- – +689 87

You also have the option of renting your own transport on the island.

Here are some providers available:

Tahaa Location – Temana tours for renting cars, scooters or electric bikes with Vai and Tyron – +689 87 79 55 07 

Eco-Bike Tahaa  for e-bikes with Raihau –, +689 87 34 38 34 

Shuttle / Pick up: We also offer a shuttle service to our farm from various pick-up points around Tahaa Island. Contact us and we can organize this for you.

Vahine with Tahitian pearls on pendant

How to visit us from Raiatea?

Listed below, are a variety of public shuttles (taxi-boats) that bring visitors back and forth between Raiatea and Tahaa at different times throughout the day.  The nearest shuttle drop-off location to our farm is located in the city of Vaitoare.  After arriving in Vaitaore, we are happy to provide a pick up for any guests choosing to visit our farm.  Contact us to help you organize a shuttle boat.


            Dave’s Tours

Taxi Rapide 

Private Shuttle Boat:   

Te Mana Tours (link)

Raiatea Day Tours by boat: many day tours that begin in Raiatea drive across the beautiful lagoon that Tahaa and Raiatea share to make a stop at our pearl farm. 

            AriiMoana Tours (link)

            Kamave Tours (link)

Charter boats and Sail Boats

Our farm is located in Apu Bay.  We have several moorings available for our guests to use.   Many guests arriving by boat also enjoy coming to Apu bay to enjoy a wonderful Tahitian dance show and dinner each Wednesday and Friday evening at the Le Ficus Restaurant.  Combining the dance show with a visit to our farm is a wonderful way to spend your afternoon and evening in Tahaa.   Apu Bay also has a bakery and the irresistable Philomene Crepere and Ice Creamery.   Apu Bay is a deep bay and provides nice shelter from the wind.

 From Bora Bora

Bora Bora is located just a short 25 nautical miles from Tahaa.   Many guests escape Bora Bora for the day to discover the more tranquil, peaceful beauty that  Tahaa is famous for.  Guests may come by inter-island plane (Air Tahiti), sea-plane( ), helicopter or the Maupiti Express.  We can also arrange for a private luxury speed boat for transportation between islands.    We offer VIP, customized tours upon request.

From Tetiaroa

Guests staying at The Brando Resort on Teitiaroa often make their way to Tahaa for the day to discover its stunning beauty .  There is a helicopter landing pad available for guests.  Contact us to arrange travel.  We offer VIP, customized tours upon request.


Arrange an outstanding moment in a privileged setting of sea, nature and beauty.

Superyacht owner, agent or crew, your demands are carefully listen to and treated by our team, in order to offer your guests a very special moment.

Champon Pearl Farm is authentic and friendly, has a nature-orientated work ethic, rooted into the sea and Taha’a’s land, and the genuine beauty of the place, as that of our pearls, the passion and dedication of our team, make the stop at Champon a unique experience in Polynesia.

We fit your demands and guarantee to host you in favored conditions.

 Our location in Apu Bay provides Superyachts the perfect place for protection from the winds,  privacy, and of course, a stunning anchorage.   Our pearl farm tour is an ideal excursión for guests arriving to Tahaa by yacht.  We have a wide selection of loose pearls and hand-crafted jewelery available for purchase exclusively at our farm.   We offer VIP, customized tours upon request.

Follow us, underwater

We offer you the unique opportunity to fullfil the experience: dive in through the lines, choose an oyster and bring back a pearl, which could be exceptional..

By prior appointment, Rainui will be delighted to take you dive near the reef. In a idyllic setting, you’ll be able to spot little fishes cleaning our oysters and have a better understandment of our work at the pearl farm. Eventually you’ll chose an oyster and once got back to the dock, be fortunate enought to discover your pearl (with the guarantee to have a marketable pearl).

It is a very fun thing to do, accessible for everybody, even young aventurers!

Treasure hunt diving to bring back your Tahitian pearl
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